Legendary Treasures Slot Overview

It’s amusing how mainstream culture celebrates explorers who travel abroad, discover the X on a map, break into a tomb or sealed chamber, and grab old wealth to bring home. Actual theft of antiquities from another nation for museum exhibition or black market sale is frowned upon. One reason we have pop culture is to live via fictional persons and environments. Why not try Legendary Treasures from Games Global partner company Just For The Win, where players join a steely-eyed explorer searching for treasure in an exotic location?

Despite not having a fedora, Legendary Treasures is an Indiana Jones-style whip-cracking puzzler. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny may have been a hat-making boom. Yahoo cited Herbert Johnson, a 130-year-old London hat maker, who reported a sevenfold increase in income owing to the ‘Destiny Poet’ hat Indy wore in the final Indiana Jones film. Due to a backlog of hundreds of orders, Destiny Poet hats cost £495 and can take up to six months to arrive. As mentioned, Legendary Treasures’ daring tomb raider finds himself in an off-the-beaten-path, elegantly depicted section of Egypt, a land that has been tomb-raided for millennia.

The Just For The Win game Western Gold 2 is reskinned as Legendary Treasures, which also raids. All metrics and features have kept the same, giving players a highly volatile math model with a default RTP of 96.15%. They also receive 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines for frequent winnings. Bets range from 20 p/c to £/€20 each spin.

The theme makes Legendary Treasures’ traditional slot symbols odd, but no issue. Diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades are low, followed by any combination of 7s, a single 7, a double 7, a triple 7, and the best card, the adventurous gentleman. When landing a winning line of 5 matching low pays, players receive 1 to 1.5 times their stake; higher paying symbol combinations pay 3 to 30 times. Wilds on all reels are worth the same as the explorer. Wilds can replace any pay symbol and trigger winnings.

Legendary Treasures Slot Features

Legendary Treasures offers numerous ways to gain riches. These include scatter rewards, the Treasure Barrel, free spins, super free spins, the Feature Barrel, and Buy Free Spins.


In base game, 4 scatter symbols pay off. When 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 scatters appear, the payoff is 1x, 5x, 15x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 1,000x, or 10,000x the stake.

Signs of Pyramids

Pyramid symbols are only on all reels in base game. Two pyramid symbols activate the Treasure Barrel, which pays a random cash payout.

Free Spins

Base game scatter symbols occur on reels 2, 3, and 4. Hitting 3 of them gives 3 free spins with x1 multiplier. Landing an Artefact symbol on the rightmost reel during free spins activates the Feature Barrel and resets the counter. A Feature Barrel can award:

Cash Collect provides the Treasure Barrel scatters’ cash prizes.

Barrel Upgrade enhances all Treasure Barrel rewards.

Mulpier Boost increases multiplier by 1.

Reset Extra multiplies free spins counter reset by 1.

Upgrades free spins to super free spins.

One of the biggest differences in free spins is that scatters are gathered instead of paid immediately. Instead, the quantity of scatter symbols gathered determines the scatter pay at round conclusion.

Super Free Spins

The Feature Barrel or 3 free spins symbols and 2 Pyramid symbols in the basic game provide super free spins. This round starts with 3 free spins and x1 multiplier. Super Free Spins follow the Artefact Symbol and Feature Barrel rules, with a few exceptions. After each super free spin, the Treasure Barrel scatter pay value is awarded. Feature Barrel triggers can provide Barrel Upgrade, Multiplier Boost, or Reset Extra.

Buy Free Spins.

Players may buy 85x or 500x free spins from the bonus buy menu. Super free spins can be triggered by buying free spins.

Legendary Treasures Slot Review

Western Gold 2, one of the first scatter symbol instant award games, was packed with features and chances to win. It’s no surprise that Just For The Win uses the reskin machine to get more mileage out of it. Legendary Treasures, the sequel, is neither better nor worse. The theme is the sole difference between the games.

Even if the concept is a bit tired, Just For The Win’s art team constantly creates nice-looking games like Legendary Treasures. Its features are the actual star, since there are several bonuses to help players land scatters and win money. Pyramid symbols spice up the standard game, while free spins and super free spins are packed with extras. If scatter wins games are too simple, Legendary Treasures may be best. The game’s max payoff is 25,000 times the stake.

As a replica of what was already accessible, it may lose some cool points. However, Legendary Treasures offers another round of well-designed scatter symbol award gameplay with plenty of extras.






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